Professur für Standorts-
und Vegetationskunde/
Chair of Site Classification and
Vegetation Science
Tennenbacherstr. 4
D 79085 Freiburg

Tel.  +49-(0)761/203 3678
Fax  +49-(0)761/203 3781



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Matthias Seebauer

PhD student



Use of Endogenous Development Potentials – a Chance for Sustainable Rural Development in China !(?)



Pokorny, B., Bauhus, J., Seebauer, M., Dai, C., Schmitt, J., Frei, H. J., Butler-Manning, D., Gärtner, S. (2008): Sustainable Forest Management in Western China: A manual for the Xiaolongshan Forest Burea. Ed.: Institute of Silviculture, Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences University of Freiburg, 98 p.

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